Fri, 4 Sep 2015 3 min read

It’s been 5 years since we held our first Art Exhibition, back in 2010, at FX lifestyle center, Mazee 5th floor.As a brand that focuses on art and it’s applied form, we continuously try to support our local emerging artists. That is the reason behind this year’s Monstore PLASTIC Art Exhibition. We believe by doing so, we can be a platform (hence, a platform we call the Scene Stealers) for those emerging artist to showcase their works and also as a way for them to make it on the local art scene. We open this event by showcasing the 25 artists whose names are ALI HAMZAHARSYA DEANANDAARYA MULARAMAAZKA RIZQIDIRARATRI HGEKO MEINANTO & SEMMANTA NAGARAFALAH FSGILANG NDARUHILMA SOPHIAINDIRA PAMBUDY,ANNISA DAMAYANTI,ITO NURARIEF,LUNA DIANDRA,MIRRA AGHNIA (TEAM)LOUIS LUGASMAHAPUTRA VITOMANGGALA SIANIPARMEDIOCRUXMUCHLIS FACHRI (MUKLAY)PRABU PERDANARISANDA ADISAPUTRAROOTS & CO.SABRINA SALMASAFRIE EFFENDISOSJSRI PRAMONOSTEVEN PURWADIPURAV. ENVY




Their artworks are really something.It was super packed! Everybody’s having a good time, looking at all the art pieces, and the people who came, had a chance to meet up and talk to the artist in person!To sum up the night, Payung Teduh played all their hit songs ! It was really a good match up between the crowd and the band.Then the after party started. We opened it with DJ Cream,  and the crowd went wild.It was such a great night, full of entertainment. It was all in all, and artsy night to remember.You can take a look and visit our Plastic Art Exhibition at :Rotation Art Space at Artotel Thamrin JakartaFrom September 4th – October 15th 2015All the artworks are for sale. See you on another event!





*Photo courtesy of Yohan Rusli and Michael Timothy Photoworks