Wed, 16 Mar 2016 3 min read

It’s foolish,
How sometimes we forgot
That we're only a tiny little part
of this universe
It's foolish
How big we think we are
How great we think we are
How magnificent we think we are
Compared to the space,
That we are in ? 
So us fools,
Makes rockets and airplanes,
Satellites and grow astronauts,
to conquer the space
Only to then realize
How big of a fool, we are
Truth is
We know nothing about the space
We know nothing about the universe 
Truth is
We're just babies.
It's space, baby. 



Welcoming our new collection: Space Baby, we designed space conceptual tees and all. The idea has developed over human; human arrogance. Human and space may seem like two different beings but connected with one another. Human creates mind that speaks through actions, actions to conquer it all. Are we the mightiest? "Truth is we're just babies. It's space, baby."

Forever in Space, Space Eye and MSTR are the examples of our designs that loudly scream in space color. Space travel and stars are our main color and tone.

Space Baby collection is now available here at our website or our store at Jl. Gunawarman 21.